work in progress

In the digital age, a printed photo is already a rarity or a burden. Printed photos are not ubiquitous in the life of an ordinary modern human. Today, to rip up a photo is not already a mass action. It is associated with stronger emotional motives, like when a relationship is over and you want to rip up and burn the photos of him or her, or when you want to clean up your life and go through your things. In this case, a printed photo is perceived just as a thing, but not as a carrier of information or memory. Nowadays, to rip up and throw away a photo is more a psychological act than a pragmatic action.


What is the reason to get rid of photos in every private story? Is it banal or unique in the age of the digital world? What are the new feelings, or their absence, that everyone has today when they want to rip up and throw away the photo? How will the printed photo look like, and what will it depict and how? Is it possible to move a “for disposal” photo to an artistic space from a non-artistic space? Is it possible to find any features of an artistic context in the act of disposal of a photo as a thing? 


The artist collects the rips up photos and the stories about the reasons for their “destruction”. Ripped photos are carefully stitched with a red thread, like with surgical sutures. The object of the photo itself turns into an artist's canvas from the material for fixation.