Originally, the topics of my creative attention were the representation of national identity and fixation of traces of human influence on the natural landscape. I created projects in the genre of documentary photography, and later in the conceptual genre. Gradually moving from general research (country and nation) to private (person and medium), I concentrated on the topics of self-identification and a person’s psychological choice in everyday action. My recent projects are aimed at the recognition of national neuroses and the study of behavioral reactions in interaction with old mediums, such as printed photographs. In fact, these are the different parts of the same process — conformity. Experiencing personally, as an average person, the changes in my own behavior or opinion under the influence of real or imaginary pressure from other people, I feel more and more acutely the increasing pressure in art. The search for freedom and my personal boundaries in art is emphasized by the need for integration into the art market that dictates its own rules, and is the system which manipulates the artist’s freedom, opinion, and behavior in favor of neo-capitalism. The modern society’s trend is adaptability and the passive acceptance of the agreed order. It inversely makes me want to explore people's psychological reactions, and search for deviations from the norm, which become material for my projects.