Julia Abzaltdinova, born 1984, lives and works in Moscow and Ekaterinburg, Russia. 


Julia's main themes are national identity representation and traces of human influence on the natural landscape. Studying at the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia, Julia began her first project “The Big Game” (2010-2016) - a six-year visual study. In this project, the territory of Greater Sochi (Russia) is shown as a space of global changes during the preparation for the XXII Olympic Winter Games. Delving deeper into the topic, Julia touches such problems as mythology of place and time, quasi-patriotism, archeology of modern society and traces of human activity. “The Big Game” has been exhibited in 7 Russian cities (2017-2018) including the prominent festival of modern photography Presence (St. Petersburg, 2017) and the Baltic Biennial of the photo (Kaliningrad, 2017). Expanding on the theme of national identity representation, Julia proceeded to the problems of self-identification of a modern office person in her project “Chad” (2018). Also, in the project “Invisible life of plants” (2014) Julia observes the biotic and abiotic factors in the formation of urban life in Krasnoyarsk, delving into the theme of traces of human influence on the natural landscape. 


Although primarily based in Moscow, Julia also works in Sochi and the Urals.