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Historically, the quality of human life is affected by the basic conditions created by man and nature. The habitat is defined by the following factors: anthropogenic, abiotic and biotic. Anthropogenic factors are formed by man, biotic - by living nature, abiotic - by inanimate nature. City of Krasnoyarsk is located on both banks of the Yenisei River, at the junction of the West Siberian Plain, the Central Siberian Plateau and the Sayan Mountains. Krasnoyarsk is the largest cultural, economic, industrial and educational center of Central and Eastern Siberia. But despite this the city is strongly influenced by the nature. 


I would like to use basis observations of biotic and abiotic factors and their influence onto formation of urban life as a foundation for my project. The center of the narrative is the vegetation of the city: trees, bushes and other species of the Krasnoyarsk flora. They are photographed at night and twilight. Unlike natural light, the lights of a big city do not have one direction: artificial suns of sodium lamps, car headlights and skyscrapers lighting create the site specific light conditions. It makes the urban environment hyper-real and surreal.


The delicate and striking balance of lush greenery and neon phosphorescence represent the mixture of nature and artificial light. I use it to visually convey the experience of plant life in a large city.

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